About us at RP6TH

Our ethos and values

Students here are encouraged to be citizens of the world, have an appreciation for their environment and contribute to global events in a positive and responsible way. We discuss, debate and research, provide opportunities for presentation and encourage individual responsibility. Our students will go onto be leaders in their chosen fields and improving skills in teamwork, leadership and communication, learning to manage relationships and becoming responsible for the world in which they live are attributes we positively seek to develop. These skills which are developed during a student’s time with us, alongside their academic achievement, are what makes RP6TH students so successful.

Academy Spotlight


I've really enjoyed my journey at RP6TH so far. The atmosphere is engaging and builds a sense of community within the school. All of my teachers are so supportive and very passionate about their subjects, making lessons very interesting. They respect us and value our opinions, giving us a greater sense of independence.

This is a calm, happy and caring school. Pupils flourish as a result of the good quality of education and the opportunities open to them.