Admissions at RP6TH

We are delighted that you are considering applying to RP6TH. The application process is a simple one and starts early in November each year. The basic timetable of the process is illustrated below:

1. RP6TH Open Evening

Our Open Evenings commence the first week in Term Two.

2. Choose your courses

Once you have decided the courses you would like to study and they fit our option blocks, please complete the online application form in detail. Successful applications require you to engage with the questions and write detailed responses that tell us about you. If your options do not fit into our block structure please detail this on the application in the relevant place and we will endeavour to resolve the issue.

3. Interviews

We will be in touch to arrange a short interview to discuss your application.

4. Receiving your offer

Once we have processed all applications you will be informed whether you have been offered a conditional place or declined. If you receive an offer, it will detail the conditions to be successfully admitted to RP6TH, whilst unsuccessful applicants will be personally contacted to discuss the required improvements to the application.

5. Attending our induction programme

To support your successful transition to RP6TH you will be required to attend our induction programme early in July. This will be over three days and will include lessons in each of your chosen options along with induction tasks, an enrichment trip and our KS5 conference organised in partnership with Lincoln University. Transition work will be need to be submitted to your teachers to ensure a successful transition programme.

6. Results Day!

On results day, please contact us to confirm your place.

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Academy Spotlight


As an external student, I have found the student-centred approach to learning to be invigorating. It has empowered me to take charge of my own education and utilise teaching staff support to study in ways that suit me best. This approach has enabled me to excel and develop as an individual in a new sixth form, and has even resulted in my appointment as Deputy Head Girl, thanks to the encouraging and engaging teacher-student relationship.