University at RP6TH

Our Key Stage 5 Director of Achievement leads on university applications. Tutorials and assemblies are delivered as part of our personal development curriculum, giving information about the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), explaining how the system works, the courses on offer, advice on the differences between universities and additionally sharing timelines and dates to apply.

Preparing for your applications

Our sixth form tutors meet individually with students to discuss preferences and work with the student to ensure the right five universities are short-listed. Students are encouraged to research universities of interest using the UCAS website. Our Unifrog subscription allows students to research and source information from different universities, gathering a variety of information to support their decision making.

Having shortlisted their five universities, students are encouraged to attend university open days where they can see the campus and the facilities on offer, hear lectures from the professors, view the accommodation, speak to current students, the admissions tutors and lecturers and see what societies are on offer. Open Days are held both physically and virtually, however we encourage students to go physically wherever possible so they can really get a feel for the universities they are applying to.

Our Careers Director and in-house level 7 qualified careers professional are also always on hand to support with specific questions about the university pathway too.

Our University programme

RP6TH arranges a wide variety of external speakers to come and speak on a wide range of topics including: industry presentations, subject seminars, applying to specific universities, student finance, writing a CV, personal statement writing and how to excel in an interview.

Our university programme offers all students the chance to visit at least two university campuses together, additionally encouraging students to arrange their own visits to universities they are specifically interested in too.

Through our personal development programme and as part of their academic studies, we also develop our students’ ability to work independently, to write and think critically, to research, analyse and develop transferable skills, effective reading, note-taking, academic referencing, revision skills and writing stylistically are not just attributes required for successful A Level study but are ideal preparation for university and the world of work.

Organisational skills, time management, prioritising, problem solving and self-discipline to remain motivated are the types of skills employers look for and RP6TH hold regular sessions and workshops to enable its students to be well prepared. Our Learning to Learn programme supports students to continuously evaluate and improve their study skills.

Academy Spotlight


I have been given the opportunity to join the Senior Student Leadership Team with two different roles of Extra-curricular and Enrichment Lead, as well as leading on social media. It has provided me with volunteering opportunities such as helping coach Year 7 and Year 8 girls rugby, taking part in lesson support in key stage 3 science lessons and also helping in Science Club after school. I am looking to study Child Nursing at university and the sixth form team have been very helpful with providing a full range of knowledge and guidance to help me succeed in my career plan.