Pre-enrolment information

RP6TH Agreement

Upon enrolling at RP6TH, young people agree to abide by our rules and policies. Ultimately, we want our students to be as successful as they can possibly be and achieving this means demonstrating high standards at all times. We have consulted with our staff and students and agreed that the following minimum expectations should be expected by all, at all times. The below is the student charter which will be addressed as part of the college induction.

All students can expect:
  • The highest quality care, support and guidance
  • Respect
  • Clear communication and accurate information
  • Approachable staff who help and support you
  • A happy, healthy and safe environment
RP6TH expect students to:
  • Follow the college’s student contract, all behaviour policies, and all college procedures
  • Show respect, politeness and consideration to all students and staff at all times; behave and speak in a way that does not offend others
  • Work hard and take responsibility for your own learning; be an independent learner and have commitment to learning new skills for life outside of college
  • Adhere to the dress code
  • Look out for your fellow classmates and yourself and if you see, or, are concerned about anything at any point, report this to the college safeguarding team
  • Inform your tutor and the medical team of any medical issues or changes to health
  • Attend all lessons, assemblies, activities and meetings, always arriving on time
  • Treat the college environment with respect and keep your own space clear and tidy
  • Don’t do anything which puts yourself or others at risk;
  • Respect the RP6TH’s zero-tolerance approach to smoking, vaping, alcohol and drugs
  • Only use your mobile phone in the common room areas when at RP6TH
  • Keep us informed and ask for help when you need it
  • Be a positive representative of RP6TH at all times and a role model to other students

The support that teachers give pupils, and that pupils give each other, helps make the Sixth Form the caring community that it is.

SRPA student