Work experience

Work experience is a key advantage when applying to top universities and RP6TH allocates a week in February of Year 12 for students to take advantage of this.

Our sixth form tutors alongside our Careers Director, help students gain placements at a variety of professional workplaces such as GP surgeries, veterinary clinics, law firms, financial institutions and engineering companies. Those who are studying healthcare will often in addition need longer term placements such as working in care homes or nursery schools.

As part of enrichment time on a Wednesday afternoon, students can take advantage of additional opportunities to engage in work experience related to their future career pathway. This extra commitment is clear to see on applications and can strengthen next steps applications.

RP6TH photographic students viewing a camera with the Deputy Head Teacher.

I appreciate the work you’ve done for our form and preparing us for our next step, we’re very lucky to have a devoted and enthusiastic tutor.

SRPA student