Academic and study support

The support we provide ensures our students have a successful beginning to their time with us in the Sixth Form. Each of our option subjects provides a comprehensive transition unit to allow our cohort to hit the ground running. Students and teachers agree upon realistic but challenging target grades, with each target grade being aspirational and will ensure that students are working towards outcomes that will enable them to pursue future career pathways and higher education opportunities. Throughout the two year programme, students’ progress will be regularly monitored against these targets by subject teachers and our KS5 Director of Achievement.

Further support is provided in the form of independent learning support plans. These will support students with the demands of KS5 study and ensure the transition from year 11 is a smooth process.

Our RP6TH tutors will provide academic support to students, alongside subject teachers and our KS5 Director of Achievement will also mentor students who require extra support.

Every student will be supported to achieve their best.

RP6TH tutor helping a student working on a laptop during a lesson.
Smiling RP6TH student holding a rugby ball with a tutor mentoring a lesson.